The Dove Valley and Trent Circuits joined together in 2013 to form the Trent and Dove Circuit
There are 15 churches in the Trent and Dove Methodist Circuit, ranging from small rural churches to larger, town centre churches. Each church has its own website page and can be accessed from the drop down menu above.

Besides having a part to play in British Methodist heritage, the
churches of the Circuit today have links to local schools as well as
care homes and hospitals.  Many churches have strong ecumenical
links which include Youth for Christ, YMCA and YWCA.  Recently, links have been formed with local retailers in Burton-upon-Trent.
The Trent and Dove Circuit of the Methodist Church was formed in
September 2013 from an amalgamation of the Burton-upon-Trent
and Dove Valley Circuits.  Currently there are 15 churches in the
Circuit which are distributed fairly evenly across the Circuit, an
Area from the east side of Burton-upon-Trent, (population
about 81,000) to Uttoxeter (population about 15,000).  

The Circuit covers part of the National Forest and includes a
number of small and rural churches, two of which, Boylestone
and Church Broughton, played a major role in bringing Primitive
Methodism to Derbyshire in 1811.​
If you want to contact us, please use the form on the Contact Section of the Website
Circuit Office Address:
Winshill Methodist Church
High Bank Road
Burton on Trent
​DE15 0HU
Telephone:  01283 337649